Dec 10, 2007

The first luvthecanadian Video

Originally posted on youtube.

Allow me to formally introduce myself.
I'm Andriana. Pronounced: Ann-dree-ann-uh
Just maybe, not as syllabic as it was just typed. And not caveman-like either.

I'm not a caveman. Even though I enjoy the cavemen commercials (though the novelty has definitely wore off), I wouldn't want to be one. A bit too hairy and too much of a forehead.

Nonetheless, I can still often be barbaric in my eating habits since being a vegetarian doesn't really work out for me. Maybe someday I can strive to become one. But for now, I guess I'll stick with eating the flesh of dead things that I hunted and killed with my own bare hands...

Piano hands are strong you know.

Leading up to my main thang.
I play piano. As a matter of fact, I'm majoring in the art of doing so. I'm in University at the moment and studying with a double major in Music/Drama. I hope to come out of the program as a more well rounded person. In my spare time I like singing, composing songs and stalking people on youtube.
Oh, have I failed to mention youtube?
Yes, I'm on youtube. this video endeavor of mine began there and I hope that this "blog" (I detest that name) can hold hands with my youtube channel and skip joyfully in a yellow wheat field together. Their destination you ask? Well, nothing that they can get to without a bit of your support.

Either way, I hope to become better with composing and singing and yeah.



P.S. I'm in trial mode. Vox vs. Blogger, we'll see which one I stick with. I'll be cross posting every entry.

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