Dec 8, 2008

Mini Quick Update.

The Threes Countdown

Three Of Your Current Favorite Songs

1. When I was A Young Girl -Feist

2. You Don't Know Me -Ben Folds/Regina Spektor

3. Cliquot -Beirut <--------AWESOME.

Three Things You're Doing This Tuesday

1. Taking a Intro. to Film Exam

2. Writing an essay

3. Not being sick [I'm getting sniffley again ]

Three Things You Always Do Before Bed

1. Usually have some fruity tea

2. Go online if I can

3. Go and talk to my roomate if she's still up.

Three Favorite Foods

1. Sushi

2. Chocolate Crackle (president's choice) Ice Cream

3. Crunchie Bars

Three Things You Are Wearing

1. My Huey Lewis Shirt

2. Black Jeans

3. Leg Warmers (OMG I JUST GOT LEG WARMERS AND THEy"RE SO warm...)

Last Three Movies Watched

1. Chinatown

2. Rebel Without a Cause

3. Psycho

Damn, look at dem classics.

Three Current Thoughts

1. Jack Nicholson is fucking hilarious

2. Humans are such a funny, clueless, frightened species. Mostly funny.

3. headache.somanyessays.headache.

Three Things On Your Holiday Wishlist

1. More enlightenment.

2. Good health.

3. Socks without holes. Yeah. I definitely need some...*wiggles big toe poking out of sock*

Three Truly Random Things You Love

1. Watching people act onstage and then watching the awkwardness after the show.

2. The sound of a straw when you put it throught the plastic hole thing in the lid of a cup. *wwooo*

3. Being warm.

Last Three Purchases

1. Leg Warmers

2. Milk

3. Jeff's Christmas present

Shit guys, I miss-blahblahblah...the usual.

Hope to talk to you guys soon........

lots of lub, and luv etc.



I totally want to play cello. Know of any good places to

look for a used cheap one?

Oct 14, 2008

It's 5am and I'm still up.

The rules are:
Choose a singer/band/group.
Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group.

Band I chose: Really? Do I REALLY have to say? ReSpekt yo.

1 Are you male or female?

2 Describe yourself.
"Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori"

3 What do people feel when they're around you?
"Carbon Monoxide"

4 How would you describe your previous relationship?
"Love, You're a Whore"

5 Describe your current relationship.
"A Cooler Version of Yourself"

6 Where would you want to be now?
"In the Studio" and "Small Town Moon"

7 How do you feel about love?

8 What's your life like?
"A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is"

9 What would you ask for if you had only one wish?

10 Say something wise.
"One More Time with Feeling"


That worked out well.

Aug 4, 2008


Another freaking post!

How's it going everyone?

I'm alright.

888 excitement.

SO excited.

I'm currently locked out of my apartment, and my landlord is on vacation. Therefore, I have to wait until some one in my building is home from work...Not even the creepy 80 year old guy on the first floor is home! WTF?

So, now I'm all disgusting and smelly, cause I haven't showered, and I have 30 minutes until I need to go to work. So, I'm at the library, not able to do much because the fucking computers don't have flash, or shockwave...OR ANYTHING. So I can't even watch catch up on youtube videos.

I missed my own BlogTV show. Yeah, blame that on Jeff. I haven't seen him in a month so, I think that's a decent reason. ^_^. I'm wondering how I'm going to work teh blogztv when my roomate's back and school is back in session. I'm guessing most peoples' schedules will be messed around with.

It feels like forever that I haven't skyped with you guys...Hopefully tomorrow I'll be online... I'm just fucking busy, and constantly tired, and work, and Jeff, and NEEDING TO TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER BUT THE FUCKING APARTMENT IS DLGKsgkagkh.

*deep breath*
I'm ok.

The play:

It was "Barefoot in the Park" by Neil Simon (not to be confused with Paul Simon) and I got to play Corie. The lead!!!! *dances a bit* Now, I'm a bit of a n00b when it comes to acting, I've only been really doing it for 2 years. But already, I can see how a role can change you. It's actually kinda scary.
Maybe it's because I don't have a complete strong sense of self, or maybe it's because I'm able to throw myself away pretty easily when delving into a character...all I can say is, little bits of Corie creep in day to day. Even a few days after the show is over.
And, it's a funny thing, when you feel like you've almost killed a character.
Like, guys...I feel like I'm betraying this imaginary person,
by not being her anymore.
And mourning for her.
Not like, crying...but there's an incredible sense of loss. And it's a bit overwhelming. And it's not because I'm sad about the show being over. I miss being her.

What I'm eventually getting at here, is that Heath Ledger, in the Dark a method actor. There is no doubt in my mind that he was "killed" by playing the joker. Accidental death, probably...but the fact is that he couldn't sleep, couldn't relate to his own family, he couldn't be himself anymore....
It's just so odd to think that the human psyche is so delicate.

Alright, 10 minutes until work now.

Hope everyone's well! And I'll be seeing some of you at 888.



May 21, 2008

Munniez sux.

I've finally made everything all pretty around the apartment. My new roomate is awesome, her name is Tiffany and she's lovely! She's been giving me ideas for youtube videos by just being herself lately...and then I prodded her to get on teh youtubez herself and now SHE's making vids. Ain't that cute? She likes le language. So she made a video about "trippin balls" and how you can use it in a sentence. She's got something there. I suggest you go and poke her....or something...


on a side note and WARNING on what follows:

Since I just moved into a new apartment, something legally happened and I got fuxurd into paying rent for my old apartment. It's sucking and money is insanely tight. I needz teh moolah. SO bad.

Dare I say this? Yeah. totally.
I've been thinking of going to the dark side.
As in..."selling out".
Or, "working for the man"




I was thinking of applying to become a youtube partner.
Not that it'll pull in enough to pay for rent, but I'd love a tiny bit of food money.
I don't enjoy starving really.
And hey, a banner would be pretty freaking sweet to have.

...whadda you guys think?

Oh my gahd I'm selling out...

Hope you guys have a kick ass day,
-Da Andy

P.S. I want a disco ball horse.

May 11, 2008

Apt. etc + Bambee + Stickam

I'm in my new apartment. It's nice. Pictures soon.


Does anyone read this?

I'm not sure but seriously...well whatevs. I need to actually update and participate. Yeah. That'll be good.

This video has recently made my life:

Watch it, savor it, digg it, share it, lick it and whatever else you creeps do.


what's with this stickam thing and why is it so difficult for me to understand?
*cries* someone help me....


May 3, 2008

Goodbye to my Apartment...

It's sad...well, not really, but I'll miss my room at least...

I'm moving, perchance to dream in another location, approximately 40 steps from my old apartment.
And, surprisingly, I'm procrastinating right now...mainly cause I really am not a fan of packing.

I have too much stuff.
And I've been thinking about donating a bunch of it.
Yeah. I really should.
There are clothes that I just don't wear anymore.

Things to do: (other than you)

-Sleep for more than 6 hours
-Remember to pack the DVD player
-Stop procrastinating
-Make a video


Jan 24, 2008

Ima gonna die!

University is a bitch sometimes.
And it always creeps in when you need it the least.
It's like a stress pimple.
Or something.
What I've written so far looks like poetic prose so I'm making this sentence very long to even it out and to defend my street cred.
My brain is so busy.
It's not turning off.
I have about 4 people in my head screaming right now.
If this was a short play, it would go something like this:

A: Why aren't I doing my music homework?
B: Cause I'm busy walking home
A: I have no time to walk home. RUN.
C: I can just sit.
D: And then bury my head in the snow.
A: F*** it Bitch! I have only 2 hours of homework time then BAM play practice.
B: I'm fine, I've already started.
D: I could just go on youtube instead for 2 hours.
A: You can't even afford to scratch your face let alone go online!
B: Will someone shut this fucking "A" up?

I'm glad B is usually the one in charge. Though the tendency of D to crop up and bite me ass is high. And sometimes C and D battle it out. Though when A,C and D are the only ones around, oh you better watch out; that only happens once a month....

Though this is one of the sources of stress, on the bright side, I'm in a play right now. Student directed one-acts performed at my University theater. I get to play a hard-ass bitchin' chick who gets to kill a few people. It's pretty hot. Don't guys like dangerous women?
I may post a few clips of know, of me actually acting.
Also, in my choir, I gots a solo. I'll be singing "Signed Sealed Delivered" by good ol' Stevie Wonder. Oh Stevie! Why must you be so awesome hm?
I wents to East Side Mario's wid my boy...Twas yummy...and I have leftovers to last me a week.
Hooray for poor students!

*high five*

*fucked up salute*

Dec 10, 2007

The first luvthecanadian Video

Originally posted on youtube.

Allow me to formally introduce myself.
I'm Andriana. Pronounced: Ann-dree-ann-uh
Just maybe, not as syllabic as it was just typed. And not caveman-like either.

I'm not a caveman. Even though I enjoy the cavemen commercials (though the novelty has definitely wore off), I wouldn't want to be one. A bit too hairy and too much of a forehead.

Nonetheless, I can still often be barbaric in my eating habits since being a vegetarian doesn't really work out for me. Maybe someday I can strive to become one. But for now, I guess I'll stick with eating the flesh of dead things that I hunted and killed with my own bare hands...

Piano hands are strong you know.

Leading up to my main thang.
I play piano. As a matter of fact, I'm majoring in the art of doing so. I'm in University at the moment and studying with a double major in Music/Drama. I hope to come out of the program as a more well rounded person. In my spare time I like singing, composing songs and stalking people on youtube.
Oh, have I failed to mention youtube?
Yes, I'm on youtube. this video endeavor of mine began there and I hope that this "blog" (I detest that name) can hold hands with my youtube channel and skip joyfully in a yellow wheat field together. Their destination you ask? Well, nothing that they can get to without a bit of your support.

Either way, I hope to become better with composing and singing and yeah.



P.S. I'm in trial mode. Vox vs. Blogger, we'll see which one I stick with. I'll be cross posting every entry.

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