May 21, 2008

Munniez sux.

I've finally made everything all pretty around the apartment. My new roomate is awesome, her name is Tiffany and she's lovely! She's been giving me ideas for youtube videos by just being herself lately...and then I prodded her to get on teh youtubez herself and now SHE's making vids. Ain't that cute? She likes le language. So she made a video about "trippin balls" and how you can use it in a sentence. She's got something there. I suggest you go and poke her....or something...


on a side note and WARNING on what follows:

Since I just moved into a new apartment, something legally happened and I got fuxurd into paying rent for my old apartment. It's sucking and money is insanely tight. I needz teh moolah. SO bad.

Dare I say this? Yeah. totally.
I've been thinking of going to the dark side.
As in..."selling out".
Or, "working for the man"




I was thinking of applying to become a youtube partner.
Not that it'll pull in enough to pay for rent, but I'd love a tiny bit of food money.
I don't enjoy starving really.
And hey, a banner would be pretty freaking sweet to have.

...whadda you guys think?

Oh my gahd I'm selling out...

Hope you guys have a kick ass day,
-Da Andy

P.S. I want a disco ball horse.

May 11, 2008

Apt. etc + Bambee + Stickam

I'm in my new apartment. It's nice. Pictures soon.


Does anyone read this?

I'm not sure but seriously...well whatevs. I need to actually update and participate. Yeah. That'll be good.

This video has recently made my life:

Watch it, savor it, digg it, share it, lick it and whatever else you creeps do.


what's with this stickam thing and why is it so difficult for me to understand?
*cries* someone help me....


May 3, 2008

Goodbye to my Apartment...

It's sad...well, not really, but I'll miss my room at least...

I'm moving, perchance to dream in another location, approximately 40 steps from my old apartment.
And, surprisingly, I'm procrastinating right now...mainly cause I really am not a fan of packing.

I have too much stuff.
And I've been thinking about donating a bunch of it.
Yeah. I really should.
There are clothes that I just don't wear anymore.

Things to do: (other than you)

-Sleep for more than 6 hours
-Remember to pack the DVD player
-Stop procrastinating
-Make a video