Dec 8, 2008

Mini Quick Update.

The Threes Countdown

Three Of Your Current Favorite Songs

1. When I was A Young Girl -Feist

2. You Don't Know Me -Ben Folds/Regina Spektor

3. Cliquot -Beirut <--------AWESOME.

Three Things You're Doing This Tuesday

1. Taking a Intro. to Film Exam

2. Writing an essay

3. Not being sick [I'm getting sniffley again ]

Three Things You Always Do Before Bed

1. Usually have some fruity tea

2. Go online if I can

3. Go and talk to my roomate if she's still up.

Three Favorite Foods

1. Sushi

2. Chocolate Crackle (president's choice) Ice Cream

3. Crunchie Bars

Three Things You Are Wearing

1. My Huey Lewis Shirt

2. Black Jeans

3. Leg Warmers (OMG I JUST GOT LEG WARMERS AND THEy"RE SO warm...)

Last Three Movies Watched

1. Chinatown

2. Rebel Without a Cause

3. Psycho

Damn, look at dem classics.

Three Current Thoughts

1. Jack Nicholson is fucking hilarious

2. Humans are such a funny, clueless, frightened species. Mostly funny.

3. headache.somanyessays.headache.

Three Things On Your Holiday Wishlist

1. More enlightenment.

2. Good health.

3. Socks without holes. Yeah. I definitely need some...*wiggles big toe poking out of sock*

Three Truly Random Things You Love

1. Watching people act onstage and then watching the awkwardness after the show.

2. The sound of a straw when you put it throught the plastic hole thing in the lid of a cup. *wwooo*

3. Being warm.

Last Three Purchases

1. Leg Warmers

2. Milk

3. Jeff's Christmas present

Shit guys, I miss-blahblahblah...the usual.

Hope to talk to you guys soon........

lots of lub, and luv etc.



I totally want to play cello. Know of any good places to

look for a used cheap one?