Jan 24, 2008

Ima gonna die!

University is a bitch sometimes.
And it always creeps in when you need it the least.
It's like a stress pimple.
Or something.
What I've written so far looks like poetic prose so I'm making this sentence very long to even it out and to defend my street cred.
My brain is so busy.
It's not turning off.
I have about 4 people in my head screaming right now.
If this was a short play, it would go something like this:

A: Why aren't I doing my music homework?
B: Cause I'm busy walking home
A: I have no time to walk home. RUN.
C: I can just sit.
D: And then bury my head in the snow.
A: F*** it Bitch! I have only 2 hours of homework time then BAM play practice.
B: I'm fine, I've already started.
D: I could just go on youtube instead for 2 hours.
A: You can't even afford to scratch your face let alone go online!
B: Will someone shut this fucking "A" up?

I'm glad B is usually the one in charge. Though the tendency of D to crop up and bite me ass is high. And sometimes C and D battle it out. Though when A,C and D are the only ones around, oh you better watch out; that only happens once a month....

Though this is one of the sources of stress, on the bright side, I'm in a play right now. Student directed one-acts performed at my University theater. I get to play a hard-ass bitchin' chick who gets to kill a few people. It's pretty hot. Don't guys like dangerous women?
I may post a few clips of it...you know, of me actually acting.
Also, in my choir, I gots a solo. I'll be singing "Signed Sealed Delivered" by good ol' Stevie Wonder. Oh Stevie! Why must you be so awesome hm?
I wents to East Side Mario's wid my boy...Twas yummy...and I have leftovers to last me a week.
Hooray for poor students!

*high five*

*fucked up salute*