Aug 4, 2008


Another freaking post!

How's it going everyone?

I'm alright.

888 excitement.

SO excited.

I'm currently locked out of my apartment, and my landlord is on vacation. Therefore, I have to wait until some one in my building is home from work...Not even the creepy 80 year old guy on the first floor is home! WTF?

So, now I'm all disgusting and smelly, cause I haven't showered, and I have 30 minutes until I need to go to work. So, I'm at the library, not able to do much because the fucking computers don't have flash, or shockwave...OR ANYTHING. So I can't even watch catch up on youtube videos.

I missed my own BlogTV show. Yeah, blame that on Jeff. I haven't seen him in a month so, I think that's a decent reason. ^_^. I'm wondering how I'm going to work teh blogztv when my roomate's back and school is back in session. I'm guessing most peoples' schedules will be messed around with.

It feels like forever that I haven't skyped with you guys...Hopefully tomorrow I'll be online... I'm just fucking busy, and constantly tired, and work, and Jeff, and NEEDING TO TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER BUT THE FUCKING APARTMENT IS DLGKsgkagkh.

*deep breath*
I'm ok.

The play:

It was "Barefoot in the Park" by Neil Simon (not to be confused with Paul Simon) and I got to play Corie. The lead!!!! *dances a bit* Now, I'm a bit of a n00b when it comes to acting, I've only been really doing it for 2 years. But already, I can see how a role can change you. It's actually kinda scary.
Maybe it's because I don't have a complete strong sense of self, or maybe it's because I'm able to throw myself away pretty easily when delving into a character...all I can say is, little bits of Corie creep in day to day. Even a few days after the show is over.
And, it's a funny thing, when you feel like you've almost killed a character.
Like, guys...I feel like I'm betraying this imaginary person,
by not being her anymore.
And mourning for her.
Not like, crying...but there's an incredible sense of loss. And it's a bit overwhelming. And it's not because I'm sad about the show being over. I miss being her.

What I'm eventually getting at here, is that Heath Ledger, in the Dark a method actor. There is no doubt in my mind that he was "killed" by playing the joker. Accidental death, probably...but the fact is that he couldn't sleep, couldn't relate to his own family, he couldn't be himself anymore....
It's just so odd to think that the human psyche is so delicate.

Alright, 10 minutes until work now.

Hope everyone's well! And I'll be seeing some of you at 888.